Easy Crochet Pumpkin – Learn to Crochet

This Easy Crochet Pumpkin works up quickly, so fill your home with cuddly yarn pumpkins! Everything you need to make your new project is included in this kit! Time to get stitching, and don’t forget to share your work!

Easy Crochet Pumpkin projects are perfect for instant gratification – they’re fast and most take hardly any yarn at all. Some are practical, all are pretty, and quite a few take less than 30 minutes to make. If you are looking for some special Crochet Pumpkin this tutorial is for you. They look like they are knitted but they are not! Yes, that pictures you see are actually crocheted pumpkins.

These sweet crochet pumpkins are my favorite.  It makes me happy.  It makes me want to make an entire collection of pumpkins and scatter them around my house for Halloween. They are fun to make.  And maybe you’ll be making them to scatter around your house too.

No matter where you display these Awesome Easy Crochet Pumpkins, your home will look much more festive. Best part is they don’t die, so you can use them every year.

Before you dive in, it would be a great idea to head to Pinterest and create a “Crochet Pumpkins” board if you don’t already have one. (You can see my Crochet Pumpkins board here.)

The video tutorial you’ll find below will take your through every step of the process from beginning to end. What’s more, you’ll also need very little by way of tools and supplies. Comment below if you have any question… Let’s start !

Show Crochet Pumpkins Tutorial

If you need to adjust the speed, go to settings (in the bottom right corner of the video) and adjust the speed.
This Crochet Amigurumi Pumpkin is awesome. No matter where you display these Awesome DIY Crochet Pumpkins, your home will look much more festive. Best part is they don’t die, so you can use them every year. – Amigurumi PumpkinI wanted to try out a new video style today so let me know how you like it. Learn to crochet your own farmhouse inspired Amigurumi Pumpkin! This project is easy and works up quickly. Make your own fall home decor. Enjoy, guys !

This Little Rustic Pumpkin tutorials look unique and interesting. And yet, they are made using super-basic crochet stitches so that they are a simple beginner crochet project and one that can be worked up quickly. – Little Rustic PumpkinLittle Rustic Pumpkin is one of the most iconic symbols of the fall season. What would Halloween be without pumpkin carving? And what would your autumn crochet be without a crochet pumpkin pattern? Let's start !

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