Flower Crochet Chair

This is one of the best Flower Crochet Chair patterns that I could find!

This is one of the best Flower Crochet Chair pattern that I could find. Use any color yarn that matches your dining room decor. This super easy Flower Crochet Chair pattern is most beautiful thing in my kitchen. This would be a perfect idea because they are comfortable and compact, and perfect for couples in a new home. I’ve been a bad girl in the past in buying furniture that looks pretty. You sit on it in the store and yes!!! “Yes, this Crochet Chair is comfortable!” and you make the purchase. You get it home, looks great but then you spend a couple hours or so and realize… “Oh… what did I do!” but then you sacrifice as the look of the furniture goes with what you want for style and sacrifice comfort! I’ve done too many mistakes of the past to know I will fall into the trap. First thing which came to my mind was paint, which would have been fine I guess, but with all the yarn around the house and my love of crochet, next immediate idea was of course crochet covers!

[Material] 100% Acrylic | [Diameter] About 40 cm | [Thickness] About 1.5 cm

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