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How to crochet a tiny heart, mini heart. Quick and Easy Crochet Hearts, the result is pretty awesome, perfect for scrapbooking projects, jewelry and all kind of decorations. Enjoy !

Quick and Easy Crochet Hearts, the result is pretty awesome. We have video tutorials How to crochet a tiny heart, mini heart and medium heart. Crochet heart patterns are always a popular choice at Valentine’s Day. You can make small motifs and hand them out to everyone you like. You can turn crochet hearts into pillows, gift bags, and bunting. These crochet hearts work together quickly! In no time you can have a bunch of hearts. Just vary the size of hook and type of yarn to make different sized hearts. I hope that you like the final product and let’s begin! Enjoy !

Keep scrolling down the page for the video tutorial link and Bookmark this page to visit us again. Also Be sure to save these projects to Pinterest by Clicking a long Image and Be sure to scroll down and watch the video tutorials too, you’ll love this Easy Crochet Hearts – 3 Sizes.

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Small Size

Medium Size

Tiny Size

Crochet Heart Stitch is just what it sounds like. It is a stitch that allows you to create heart shapes in your crocheted projects. You can use the heart stitch to create blankets, scarves, washcloths, and more… Check out the source here – Crochet Heart Stitch

Learn how to Crochet Heart Stitch. The Heart Stitch is a fairly simple stitch that creates an intricate shell pattern. Perfect for Valentine's Day, or to add some love to any crochet project. Enjoy, guys !

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