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How to Crochet Cluster V Stitch

by Crochet Kingdom

How to Crochet Cluster V Stitch. This gorgeous stitch has a nice texture and great for shawls, baby blankets and more cozy projects. This gorgeous chunky stitch is a great stitch that has a strong look about it. If you’ve never done it before and like picture tutorials, you’ve come to the right place!

The cluster v-stitch is very similar to the v-stitch, but it is just thicker. It’s a great stitch for making a blanket that’s strong, but lacy. Any weight of yarns you wish to use and recommended hook size for the yarn weight you selected. You can make this with solid or multiple colors.

The texture this stitch creates is beautiful and quite thick so it can be used successfully for scarves, hats, blankets or even purses. This Crochet Cluster V Stitch pattern comes with video tutorial and chart link it’s everything you will need in order to create this stunning stitch.

Do not finish the last stitch in the previous row. keep 2 loops on the hook. Drop the old color, get the new color yarn and pull a loop through the two loops on the hook. Continue with the new color. 

Written Instruction

Before you begin, review this page entirely so you understand the full scope of the project.

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